CAPCO Outreach

Programs & Events

Spreading The News…

CAPCO attends yearly events to help promote the recycling of empty aerosol products, the technology and beneficial uses of aerosol products as well as the necessary information pertaining to environmental safety and awareness that all aerosol product manufactures address with every product they produce.

Educational information is also available for download for teachers. Within the teacher’s kit are multiple experiments and projects associated with aerosol products. Spreading the knowledge is a key component of CAPCO’s outreach programs, providing accurate insight to children, teachers and every day consumers of aerosol products.

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How You Can Help…

There are many ways that you can help raise awareness in your own home, school or community with regards to aerosol product safety and recycling. Almost every aerosol product is recyclable and each year more recycling programs nation-wide are accepting empty aerosol products for recycling.

If you are unsure of what your local recycling program allows as an acceptable item, contact your local HOA, county website or even reach out to your waste hauler or recycler directly. To learn more about recycling efforts and how you can help, click below.

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Establishing Relationships…

CAPCO has continued to reach a broad array of companies and associations dedicated to delivering similar messages about aerosol products and the safety of our environment. Throughout the past few years CAPCO has joined forces with Keep America Beautiful, The National Science Teachers Association, Resource Recycling Magazine and Conference, and The Steel Recycling Institute. CAPCO has also made headway with informing mainstream entities such as Disney, America’s Funniest Home Videos and Urban Outfitters about the proper guidance when using aerosol products in videos or print media.

CAPCO will continue to establish these relationships and build a stronger network. If you are part of an organization that would be interested in connecting to CAPCO, please contact us and tell us your story.

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