Social Media is Underway

CAPCO's Social Media Networking Activity is Underway

The Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO) has entered the world of social media networking with FaceBook member and fan pages and a YouTube link to its popular educational video Another Awesome Aerosol Adventure. “This is just the beginning,” according to CAPCO Chairman Joe Bowen who said that plans are also in place to launch a CAPCO blog, redesign the web site and a develop a video contest as a creative way to deliver positive messages about the many benefits of the aerosol package.


CAPCO's new direction began in December when its Board of Trustees approved a social media networking effort to use modern media to reach more people in key audiences.  FaceBook, You Tube and Google Blog were identified as key media to better reach science teachers, consumers, media and industry representatives.

"The campaign began with the creation of member and fan pages on FaceBook, the social networking web site that has grown from a youth oriented networking craze into a serious communications network that organizations such as CAPCO are finding useful in providing accurate information," Bowen said.  "The member page has the potential to become a useful tool for internal communications enabling industry representatives to share information about new technology, promote new products and even debate  issues affecting the aerosol industry."   (Anyone can become a CAPCO FaceBook member by going to FaceBook )

The fan page is more suitable for external audiences such as science teachers, consumers and the media.  Bowen said that CAPCO has invited more than 3,000 teachers to become fans and plans an active campaign to solicit additional interest.  Every teacher that has ordered a teacher's kit over the past few years was sent a invitation to become a CAPCO's FaceBook fan and receive accurate information about aerosol products and tips on how aerosol technology can be used to teach scientific principles such as suspensions,  the behavior of gases under pressure and the effects of physical changes and chemical reactions.  Teachers were also invited to visit and

In addition to creating its Facebook pages, CAPCO is using the site's network as a communications tool.  Several postings on the National Science Teachers Association's (NSTA) FaceBook page has resulted in a significant interest in the CAPCO teacher's kit, an 82 page guide created by a panel of middle school teachers that offers unique teaching activities and lab experiments for a range of age groups.  NSTA fans were also invited to visit and evaluate that site as a potential learning tool.  CAPCO has also posted the Another Awesome Aerosol Adventure video on the popular You Tube video posting web site.  Links to the downloadable video can be found on the member and fan pages as well as on the web site.

CAPCO is planning on launching an aerosol industry blog in the fall.  The blog will help deliver messages about industry activity, aerosol technology, benefits of the aerosol delivery system and new product ideas and information.  It will be registered with to make its information more readily available to people searching the internet to learn about aerosol products.  CAPCO will also use search engine optimization to increase its reach.

A video contest designed to develop creative ways to deliver information about aerosol products is also planned for the second half of the year.  The concept is for CAPCO to work with an academic institution whereby the institution would promote the contest to its students who in turn would create videos about aerosol products.  A small prize would be offered to the contest winners, and the best videos would be posted on No, You Tube, and FaceBook.

CAPCO is redesigning its web site and has purchased the additional name of while maintaining the NoCFCs name.  The site will have a new look with special menu choices for teachers, consumers and media.  All of the site's content will be reviewed and updated and new material will be added to emphasize the unique benefits of the aerosol delivery package.

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