2011 Aerosol Products Pressurized Survey

WASHINGTON, DC –– The Consumer Specialty Products Association’s (CSPA) 2011 Aerosol Pressurized Products Survey indicates an increase in U.S. production during the past year, setting another record high with 36 million more units filled this year. This marks the highest year ever for aerosol production in the United States. The estimated total units filled in 2011 were 3.782 billion units. Research for the survey was conducted by the independent firm, Association Research, Inc.

Household products continue to rank as the highest production product category reporting a 2.4 percent increase over last year. Personal care products have also increased marginally, up one percent over last year. Much of the increase in personal care products was seen in perfumes and body spray.

“The continued growth in aerosol production indicates that the consumers’ demand for aerosol products is growing, “said CSPA President and CEO Chris Cathcart. “The variety of aerosol products categories, including not only household and personal care products but also, food, and automotive, provide the convenience and efficiency consumers want in their products.”

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