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Earth Day Trivia Questions about Aerosol Products

Looking for an Earth Day trivia question likely to fool your friends? Try asking them about the environmental impact of aerosol products.

For instance, ask them if aerosol products are a threat to the Earth's upper ozone layer. Survey data shows that most people will answer yes, but they would be wrong. In the early 1970's aerosol products did use some ozone damaging chemical CFCs as propellant, but they were removed shortly after the so-called hole (it's actually a thinning, not a hole) in the ozone over Antarctica was discovered. In fact the US Environmental Protection Agency banned CFCs in aerosol products in 1978, so there have been no CFCs in aerosol products for more than 30 years.

Here's another one: ask if aerosol products are recyclable. Many people don't think so, but they are. More than 5,300 municipal collection programs include aerosol cans in their curbside collection programs, and that number is growing. In fact, some 160,000 automobiles could be produced from the recycled steel from aerosol product sold each year.

This information is provided by the nonprofit educational foundation Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO). For more facts about aerosol products and why they are more environmentally friendly than you think, visit,, and

Media Advisory: In the past Earth Day news stories inaccurately stated that aerosol products were a threat to the upper ozone layer or were environmentally unfriendly in other ways. For accurate information about aerosol products and the environment visit:, or

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