Today’s Aerosols

Today’s aerosol products improve our quality of life in many ways. They provide benefits in medical treatment, health care, pest control, disease prevention, personal care and hygiene, and household automotive and industrial cleaning and maintenance.

Aerosol containers give consumers the use of products unavailable in any other form. Only an aerosol container can provide the variation of propellant pressure and the wide range of spray patterns and particle sizes that make possible products specially designed for specific consumer needs such as:

  • Long-distance spray insecticides protect humans from harmful insects without exposure to bites or stings.
  • Asthmatic inhalers produce a mist fine enough to penetrate deeply into the bronchial area
  • Specially formulated insecticides penetrate behind cabinets and walls to remove vermin in homes, schools and work areas.
  • First aid products can be applied without direct contact and can protect the damaged area from air contact.
  • Lubricating products can be applied to hard-to-reach machine parts and to machinery in operation.
  • Contact lens solutions in a spray form eliminate the need to touch the lens itself.
  • Stable foam products, such as shaving cream and furniture polish, cannot be created in any other way.