Traveling Tips for Aerosol Products

Not sure which personal care items you are allowed to bring on your business trip or vacation?  Aerosol products such as hairspray, shaving gel, and spray deodorant are allowed, and airport security guidelines have made it easier to follow the guidelines with the 3-1-1 rule:

You are allowed containers of liquid, aerosol or otherwise, as long as they are 3.4 oz or 100 mL or smaller, placed inside a quart-size zip-top bag, and use one bag per traveler in the security bin.  Only 1 zip-top bag per person is allowed, to limit the overall amounts of liquids, aerosols, and gels on the flight.

If you have larger containers, more containers, or have a long flight, it is recommended to put them in your checked baggage.

Using the 3-1-1 system will help you to avoid long waits at the TSA security checkpoints, and ensures that everyone has a safer flight.

For aerosol items specifically, TSA allows them in those quantities as long as they are for personal care or toiletry use.

The Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO) encourages all consumers to use aerosol products according to instructions on the label, and reminds consumers that aerosol products are recyclable when empty and have been free of CFCs for over 30 years.

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